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  • 商品名称: XCTF-5020 RFID Card
  • Product detailed: 86mm×54mm×0.9mm, ISO 18000-6B-compliant

Physical characteristics 
Dimensions: 85.6mm×54mm×0.84mm 
Packaging material: PVC 
Weight: 5.65g/tag; 1.3kg/box 
Quantity: 230 tags/box
User environments 
Operating temperature: -10 to +70℃ 
Storage temperature: -20 to +85℃
Performance characteristics 
Operating frequency: 860-960MHz 
Supported standard: ISO 18000-6B 
Read distance: up to 10m (configuration dependent) 
Memory: 216 bytes 
UID: 64 bits 
Functionality: R/W 
Vehicle speed: up to 60km/h 
Data retention: >10 years 
Write endurance: 100,000 
Anti-collision: Simultaneous identification

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