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  • 商品名称: Ticket Passport
  • Product detailed: Ticket Passport, comprised of a ticket and a passport, is an innovative collectible item ......

A. Size of ticket passport: same as the size of international passport (length × width: 88mm×125mm).

B. Main content: highlights the Xi'an International Horticultural Exposition: The theme of event is "A Lasting Peace between Heaven & Humanity • Creativity: in Nature’s Way", promoting green civilization, and the concept of Green leads the fashion. Page content design mainly includes the Horticultural Expo landscapes. One 100 yuan ordinary ticket for weekdays or one 150 yuan ordinary ticket for designated days is attached on the e-passport.

C. Admission: visitors holding 150 yuan ordinary ticket passports for designated days can visit the World Horticultural Expo Park in any day within the 178 days after the opening of park. Visitors holding the 100 yuan ordinary ticket passports can visit park only on weekdays. One ticket passport can be used for one park admission.





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