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  • 商品名称: Tobacco Warehouse Management

I. Introduction

Tobacco warehouse management solution based on Invengo RFID technologies allows customers not only to perform pallet tracking, including sorting, drop-off and pick-up, but also to entrust ‘intelligent’ pallets to carry data on products installed with RFID Tags.

II. Components

Pallet tag, fixed RFID reader, antenna, handheld RFID Reader and RFID software

III. Features
  • Meet increasing logistics requirements
  • Optimized for manufacture and supply chain management
  • Leverage both RFID and barcode technologies
  • Reduced labor intensiveness and time
  • Real-time visibility into pallets’ movement
  • Secure and accurate identification and tracking of tobacco pallets
  • Consistent performance in various warehousing environments
IV. Benefits

Tobacco digital warehouse management system enabled by advanced RFID technology and wireless network technology can enhance existing warehouse management, improve operation efficiency, ensure the accuracy of warehouse management information, and optimize up-to-date warehouse management.

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