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  • 商品名称: RFID-based Pet Management

I. Introduction

Invengo offers a RFID-based system for the identification and tracking of Pets. The system enables individual animals to be tracked through life circle. This helps to ensure safety, integrity and access meeting regulatory requirements.
Data captured about life span and movement of pets via Pet Identification system can efficiently help reduce the financial and social impact of animal disease accidents.

II. Components


RFID radio frequency identification transponders, handheld reader XC-2601 reader and software.

  • High read rate, curate information, error-free
  • Industrial protection, wear resistance, anti-collision
  • Protection design, effectively guaranteeing the safety of law enforcement personnel to prevent being bitten by a pet.
III. Benefits Workflow

Automatic identification

  • RFID-based pet identification solution facilitates easy acquisition of pet information, disease information, immune status and other information with RFID readers.

Efficient traceability

  • entire life cycle tracking, and strict pet immune management, for example rabies control


  • System-wide electronic data is centrally managed, making large amounts of data to find the work done by the server, and saving a lot of manpower and time.


  • The system uses a new generation of RFID tags Invengo which are designed specifically for pet identification, fast response time, and low average failure rate, to ensure safety, timeliness and stability.

Improved management level

  • accurate and effective electronic management information
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