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  • 商品名称: Electronic Toll Collection Management

I. Introduction

Electronic toll collection (E-Tolls) eliminates the delay on toll roads by collecting tolls electronically. ETC enabled by Invengo RFID Technology determines whether the cars passing are enrolled in the program, alerts enforcers for those that are not, and electronically debits the accounts of registered car owners without requiring them to stop.
ETC system operates without human intervention, and provides accurate and reliable automatic toll collection, thereby reducing the car's mechanical wear, fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, accelerating traffic rate, as well as reducing the possibility of error close to the minimum leakage received.

II. Components

RFID identification system, lane control equipments, computing devices, and toll collection system.

III. Features
  • 24-hour operation without human intervention
  • Automatic toll collection and vehicle passage
  • Bank collection is generally completed within one minute
  • RFID tags users can check toll collection online
  • Improved toll lane traffic handling capacity and rate, avoiding the traffic congestion
  • Savings transit time, and improving the traffic situation.
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