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  • 商品名称: Intelligent Parking Management

I. Introduction

System combines computer technology, intelligent parking management , short-range microwave communication technology, digital image processing technology, and automatic control technology, achieving automatic vehicle identification and information management, improving traffic efficiency and safety of vehicles and vehicle access statistical data, easing management personnel scheduling, and reducing labor intensity of management to effectively prevent toll collection malpractices.

II. Components

Electronic license plate (programmed with corresponding vehicle information), driver RFID card (optional, programmed with driver information), access control antenna, long distance RFID reader, access control system, and software (including management software and RFID software).

III. Workflow

When the vehicle enters and exits access control antenna communication area, RFID reader acquires data of tags installed on vehicles, and data of driver RFID tags which are compared to determine if operation discrepancies occur. Results include

  • Valid card: Electronic gate will open.
  • Unauthorized card: electronic gates will not open
  • No tag installed on vehicles: Images of drivers will be captured, and an alarm will be on. Electronic gates will not open.
  • Illegal card: Images of drivers will be captured, and an alarm will be on. Electronic gates will not open.
IV. Features

The system effectively and accurately collects information of vehicles equipped with RFID tags and the vehicle not equipped with RFID tags.

System can be supplemented by corresponding human intervention in order to avoid the impact of unusual events (vehicles which are not installed with RFID tags enters the specified area) to ensure an efficient access control system.

In addition, interference rejection enables multiple non-stop vehicle passes on different lanes.

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