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  • 商品名称: Automatic Vehicle Identification Management

I. Introduction

Automatic vehicle identification management ?uses RFID (radio frequency) technology, image recognition technology, data encryption, multi-sensor data fusion technology, computer and network technology and other international and domestic leading technologies. The vehicle information programmed on RFID tags is acquired without line of sight.

Law enforcement officers carry handheld readers or fixed readers to acquire data programmed on tags which are relayed to a management audit platform, forming a dynamic, three-dimensional, tight, accurate intelligent automatic regulation network to combat fake car license, illegal vehicle deck vehicles, unlicensed vehicles, and smuggled vehicles.

System greatly reduces traffic inspection costs, improves audit efficiency, and achieves targeted, humane civilization traffic regulation.
II. Components

image recognition system, RFID system, transmission system, and background processing system

III. Workflow
  • All legitimate vehicles are installed with RFID tags. A license plate and tag ID number database is built. When the vehicle passes designated location, the reader acquires the vehicle ID number from the RFID tags installed on vehicles in real time, while the camera captures the license plate image. The ID number of vehicle acquired by the reader and the one acquired by license plate recognition software are compared to determine if false vehicle deck occurs.
IV. Features
  • Information security technology
  • Tamper-evident tag design
  • No maintenance required
  • “dual identification” technology
  • RFID technology
  • Data transmission technology
  • All-weather inspection technology
  • Comprehensive inspection
  • Classification authority and internal control methods
  • User-friendly design
  • Data query functions
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