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  • 商品名称: Medical Waste Management

I. Introduction

Hospitals deal with the hazardous medical waste, including infectious microbial agents, radioactive materials, sharps and others, on a daily basis. Medical waste management is a matter of concern to many hospitals. At the present time, it is difficult to monitor or track the waste shipments and alert the relevant party/parties to unlawful disposal or diversion, placing hospital professionals, surrounding communities and the environment as well in jeopardy.
The RFID solutions based on Invengo RFID Technologies forever changes how the medical wastes are disposed of, achieving real time visibility into all movements of medical waste in a practical and efficient manner. Combining the RFID data with wireless communication provides the capability of pinpointing medical waste movements. This feature is used to communicate real-time data from the medical waste vehicle or from the source of the medical waste to a central database on the Internet.

Besides tracking the movement of the vehicle and thus all of the medical waste containers in real-time, the events such as the “loss” of a container during transit as well as the capture of the actual net mass of the waste are recorded and transmitted to a central database server.
II. Workflow

Registering the medical waste in accordance with the system of manifest tracking (Transfer and Reporting Bill)
Programming the waste weight information to RFID tags, and transferring it to the database
Pinpointing medical waste movements via Global Positioning system (GPS)
The weight of waste containers is collected, and written to the RFID tags before loading onto the trucks.
The weighing system at the waste disposal center automatically collects the RFID tag data, such as the arrival time, quantity and weight of waste for accountability.

III. Features
  • Unprecedented level of transparency and integrity into medical waste management
  • Enabling rapid responses to medical waste management incidents
  • Streamlined hospital medical waste management
  • Enhanced data accuracy, saving time and labor, and increased operation efficiency
  • Availing the relevant parities of 24/7 access to medical waste management information
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