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  • 商品名称: Intelligent RFID scenic management

I. Introduction

Invengo RFID intelligent management system gives operators a fast, cost-effective and highly reliable management solution with fast, highly accurate RFID technology.

RFID ticketing and access control enables hands-free entry for visitors in today’s active world of resorts, parks and attractions.
II. Components

Ticketing system, RFID background management system, traffic control system, messaging platform, and PDA navigation system

III. Features
  • RFID technology and encryption technology offers higher security of electronic tickets, eliminating fake tickets.
  • Easy management, fast ticketing, automatic ticket inspection, and automatic ticketing
  • Effective management of tourist attractions resources, enhanced management efficiency and resource allocation
  • Visitors can check the best route through the self-service terminals, and get attractions video on handheld devices; More travel information via Internet services.
IV. Benefits

RFID access control solutions for resorts, parks and attractions can greatly improve management efficiency and service levels.

  • Automation of operations makes for shorter lines and smoother operations.
  • Better customer visibility helps understand who your visitors are and how they spend and increase revenue.
  • Reusable tickets
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