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  • 商品名称: Access Control System

I. Introduction

System uses radio frequency identification technology to achieve automatic staff attendance management.

Employee receives an RFID card. When employees enter an access control area, an electronic gate will receive a signal from the card.
II. Components
  • Integrated RFID reader
  • Computer
  • 15 inches high-quality liquid crystal displays
  • Passive infrared sensor
  • Electronic door lock
  • Stainless steel mounting bracket
  • Voice prompt device
III. Workflow
  • Real-time detection of infrared sensor signal. When people enter specified location/area, scanning RFID tags operation will be triggered.
  • After acquiring the card number, the information of employee who holds the card will be in the database
  • If the card is registered and validated, the card holder’s information will display on screen and a voice prompt will be on.
  • The electronic lock will be opened.
  • If more than one person enter the specified area, information of each person will display. The electronic lock will not be open.
IV. Features
  • Cards are accurately identify and attendance time is properly recorded. System supports voice prompts and image information.
  • Operators with system administrator right enter employee information, namely: the staff no, name, department, position, attendance card number, and photo images, in the database.
  • Detailed attendance records of each individual can be checked through the computer front desk..
  • Registration information and attendance records of employees are uploaded to the server through network connectivity to facilitate unified management.
  • Operator input, permissions, system parameters settings.
V. Benefits

The system can effectively improve staff attendance, and access control management efficiency and accuracy, to achieve long-range non-contact automatic identification.

The use of advanced passive RFID tags and readers, compared with the low-frequency identification technology, features longer distance, and faster identification. Complemented with LCD display and software design, system can effectively enhance the corporate image and management effectiveness.

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