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  • 商品名称: Asset tracking management

I. Introduction

Because of the fast growth of industry rapid development of technology and pressure of global competition, improving operation efficiency and lowering operation cost have become the top priority for each major telecom service providers in China. 

Using RFID technology as the link between physical assets and digital IT system, Invengo RFID Asset tracking management system efficiently integrates daily movement of asset with asset management system to keep synchronization between real asset and its information in the management system. 
II. Components

Fixed reader, antenna, RFID tags, card dispenser, handheld reader, software and GIS asset management

III. Features
  • Asset management includes adding new assets, asset allocation, asset retirement by Scrapping, maintenance & repair, inventory and other.
IV. Benefits
  • “Asset life cycle management” and “automatic asset management”
  • Achieve synchronized management of “staff, location, time, and assets” in asset management
  • Truly paperless asset management: User can access the system via IE browser anytime, anywhere.
  • Research results of project implementation facilitates formulation of RFID technology standards.
  • Eliminating manual operation and reducing error rate
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