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  • 商品名称: Power assets inspection, Meter management

I. Introduction

Currently, information of fixed assets and related materials are collected manually in most power companies, which is tedious, time consuming and open to errors.
Even with the business management system and bar code technology, companies are unable to meet real-time information requirements .

The use of RFID technology for automatic identification management and data collection eliminates errors and discrepancies caused by manual operation, achieving seamless integration with information management systems.
II. Features
  • RFID tags programmed with information are installed on equipments/items.
  • Handheld readers are employed to collect on-site meter information, and to update equipments and their movements information.
  • Seamless integration with power company's existing business management system
  • In production, RFID tags programmed with information of meters are installed on meters for authentication purpose.
  • Efficient meter transshipment, inventory and installation by scanning tags installed on meters or packages saves time and reduces error rates and meter failure rate.
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