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Incorporated in 1999, Invengo Information Technology Co., Ltd is a leading provider of RFID technology and solution in China with world-wide operation. Invengo went public in 2007 and is listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange, China (002161.SZ). In 2010, Invengo is recognized as “2010 Forbes China Up & Comers” by Forbes China.

Invengo provides a complete product line which includes label, inlay, tag, reader, module, and antenna, etc.

Equipped with its 20 years of experience in RFID and awarded over 300 patents and proprietary technologies, Invengo is fully dedicated enabling efficiency in applications such as railway transportation, intelligent traffic/ETC, warehouse, logistics, retail, library, automatic weighing, assets management, and pharmaceuticals.

Invengo has developed up its unique railway expertise over the last twenty years as a leading technology provider to China Rail.

To meet the emerging demand from EPC compliant supply-chain and other industries, which seek low-cost tags for deployment, Invengo’s up-to-date production facility provides quality and economical RFID transponders in the forms of inlay, label, ticket and card.

Invengo's Test Center, located in Shenzhen (China), is one of the eleven EPCglobal Accredited Test Centers around the world to perform tagged unit performance testing in a variety of real-world environments common with the supply chain.

Invengo’s operations are certified to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System standards and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standards.

Invengo is the executive director of AIM Global China and senior member of EPCglobal China; Invengo is also one of the drafters of TB/T 3070-2002 Regulation which is the RFID industry standard for China railway market.

With the corporate headquarters in Shenzhen China, Invengo also runs its International Headquarters, Invengo Technology Pte. Ltd, located in Singapore (with subsidiaries in the US and Europe).

Employing over 500 people globally, Invengo is the largest publicly traded, purely RFID oriented company in the world, with design and manufacturing plants located in both the United States and China and sales offices spanning all major geographies.

Invengo's development goal is to become the world's leading brand of Internet of Things and RFID technology.

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